suddenly it is evening

“every one of us stands alone on the heart of the earth,

Transfixed by a beam of sun;

And suddenly it is evening.”

Salvatore Quasimodo


I love this for its brevity. And its reminder of brevity, well, within its brevity.

It is a reminder that Life is brief.

It is a reminder you have an opportunity to do something meaningful, something that makes an impact (I believe that is that the ‘heart of the earth’ thing)

It’s a reminder that doing something meaningful permits you to bask, even if but briefly, in a spotlight and the warmth of sun.

It’s a reminder that death comes to us all … it is inevitable … so don’t waste time in the beam of sun, for, in the end, the sun sets and it is evening.

But most of all I believe I like it for its positiveness.

That life is lived in light.

It’s a nice thought.

It’s an important thought.


Written by Bruce