the edge and enlightened numbers (1221, 15, 1, 100)

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“I have so much I want to tell you, and nowhere to begin.” –  J.D. Salinger





This is my 1221st enlightened conflict post and as I thought about that number it made me think of … well … some numbers … and the edge.


I began with the quote above because, in my mind, I seem to have not even begun telling everything I want to tell.


While a number of things I have written have been self serving pedantic ramblings the majority remain obstinately on the edge. I write picking at the fringes of how we tend to cloak truth … attempting to bare some fairly simple things from within some of the things <the majority it sometimes appears> we try to over complicate in today’s Life and business world.


I enjoy it.

I enjoy telling the truth.

I enjoy stripping away the nonsense <some may call the bullshit … or political correctness>.

I enjoy teetering on the edge of aggravating people … but always pushing them toward the edge of thinking.


Do I believe I am truly ‘enlightening’ anyone?

Of course not.


That would be one of those pretentiously self-pandering thoughts that would only serve to make me think I am better, smarter or more enlightened then other people. And I am not any of those things <including self pandering>.


I write to not really enlighten anyone … but myself. I share my ‘learning in progress’ hoping it inspires others to continue the fight against ignorance. To think. Just think about shit.

And as a work in progress myself … I also tend to show everyone that … what I am today I will not be tomorrow.

True for myself.

True for anyone else.


All that said.


The enlightened numbers.



thinking distorted 15 types–          avoiding 15 distortions.


I could call this ‘enlightened thinking from a distorted perspective.’


Because 15 is actually about distorted thinking.




I imagine if you actually think you are thinking in some fashion of distorted thinking you are kind of on your way to being an enlightened thinker <decode that sentence>.




When I first saw this list I went down the list thinking which ones I either am <today> or have beaten <in the past> or know I will continue to struggle with <all the tomorrows yet to be>.


It was humbling for me … one who likes to pick at the edges of common opinions.

And maybe it was the first time it really struck me how easy it is to have a twisted view of how the world works.


The list made me think.


Being aware of these distortions, personally, is constantly challenging … and difficult … and sometimes painful. But it is also possibly one of the most enlightening Life decisions I have made … and you can make. One I don’t believe you would ever regret.


I have this list printed out.

I keep it near “speak truth’ for when I am writing.



–          one hundred people.

you and unimporant

Enlightened Conflict has a global readership. Therefore the 100 number is just a reminder to myself, as well as everyone else, when I write to try to keep in mind the average 100 people.


While the world population has now reached 7 billion people <of which only a minority read what I write> it can get overwhelming … so I try and look at it in a more bite sized fashion.


Frankly … it is always slightly enlightening to take a moment and look at the world as if it were only 100 people. It is not only enlightening … but frightening. Frightening from the perspective that my personal world is so far from this dispersion … I fear I am distorted in my views. Hence the reason I have my 15 distorted list.


In the world of 100 and trying to provide clear unbiased points of view … I have met the enemy … and it is I.


At least we are all becoming a little smarter <despite all the media suggesting a backwards trend on education>.


In 2006, only 1 person out of 100 would have had a college education– today that number has jumped to 7 <thanks in part to advances in higher education in Asia>.



                      If the World were 100 PEOPLE:


50 would be female

50 would be male


26 would be children

There would be 74 adults,

8 of whom would be 65 and older


There would be:

60 Asians

15 Africans

14 people from all the Americas <think of that USA americans>

11 Europeans



33 Christians

22 Muslims

14 Hindus

7 Buddhists

12 people who practice other religions

12 people who would not be aligned with a religion



12 would speak Chinese

5 would speak Spanish

5 would speak English

3 would speak Arabic

3 would speak Hindi

3 would speak Bengali

3 would speak Portuguese

2 would speak Russian

2 would speak Japanese

62 would speak other languages


83 would be able to read and write

17 would not



7 would have a college degree

22 would own or share a computer



77 people would have a place to shelter them from the wind and the rain

23 would not



1 would be dying of starvation

15 would be undernourished

21 would be overweight



87 would have access to safe drinking water

13 people would have no clean, safe water to drink


I try and write from a 100 people point of view.

Maybe only if I can make the minority who ‘have’ think about all the others <not they are ‘have nots’ but just that they have less than the haves>.


write hard hemingway

–          One attitude


In the end … I write with one attitude. And only one.


“Things are more easily seen from the edges. Danger rouses the sleeping mind. It makes things clearer. Less cluttered. “



Having worked in the communications business I really only know one universal truth … if you stand in the middle <strategically, messagewise, executionwise, wordwise> you will neither be loved nor hated. You will be liked … and maybe disliked. But there will be no true passion one way or the other. And maybe we are living in a world of ‘likes & dislikes’ … but I don’t.

I don’t want my writing to be liked … or disliked. I want it to be loved or hated.



I want to be on the edge.



Let me be clear.


Writing things from the edges really has nothing to do with danger or risk taking or even ‘living on the edge’ type perceptions everyone seems to have. The edge is simply less cluttered. It is what simplicity is about.


People seem to get very very confused when they talk about simplicity and complexity and … well … if you want to make sense of a lot of shit … just move your ass closer to an edge. It is not scary. It is simply clearer there.


When I write … I place my chair and laptop on the edge … and think.


I tend to believe more people should sit in that chair more often.




I have almost 200 drafts in my draft folder of things I want to tell you.

Thoughts I have begun but not finished yet. Things yet to be told.writing colors


“I have so much I want to tell you, and nowhere to begin.” –  J.D. Salinger


I used to think the 1000th post would be some huge milestone. I was wrong. Mostly because I have so much more I want to tell you. And I do have somewhere to begin. It begins from the edge.


Hope you continue to enjoy and follow as I continue my journey.


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