“A tapestry is being stitched

story by story,

step by step, thread by thread

Pictures of her life come alive

with threads of gold,

of silver, of royal purple,

of hope, of faith, of love

her story unfolding

in the fabric, the knitted

tapestry of her life”

Raymond Foss: threads of her journey


In my mind everyone should think of their lives this way.

It is nice way to think of Life. It is positive, not dark, and colorful in its hopefulness. And it captures the essence of personal stories & storytelling.

In today’s world we have a nasty tendency to rush our ways through stories trying to showcase a tapestry instead of showing the weave & the threads. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. Everyone says “time is the new currency” and “shorter attention spans.” That’s … well … bullshit. People will pay attention, for as long as it takes, if it is a good story.

A great story is built thread by thread and time is only driven by how quickly, or how slowly, you showcase the beauty and intrigue of each thread and how it fits into the greater weave.

I see gobs of people talking about storytelling online, on twitter, in presentations, most talking about brands, personal branding & brand heroes and authenticity and, well, a lot of mumbo jumbo that suggests there is some formula.



I know there are effective ways of telling a story, but if you just took some care to build the story step by step, thread by thread, permitting the pictures come to life in rich and vivid colors, wouldn’t that beat any formula or “should do’s” that some marketing storyteller expert tells you?

People are inherently storytellers so maybe we should just get out of their way and let them tell stories.



All people should think of their lives this way. Ponder


I googled and found Foss has a site called Poetry Where You Live: http://raymondafoss.blogspot.com/ .

It has over 13,000 of his poems and almost 1000 of his photographs if you are interested.

Written by Bruce