there are no perfect fathers

“I am sorry I cannot speak like other fathers.”perfect fathers



Being a kid is tough.

Being a parent is tough.


But being different may be the toughest test of all in Life for parents & their kids.


Adults who are different in some form or fashion <this can range from simply being quirky to actually being deaf or blind …> have the benefit of having learned how to deal with it and manage their lives around it.

And in their adult world, and Life, their difference may even seem inconsequential. They have succeeded in Life with whatever difference they have.


And then they have a child.


The adult … who they are … and what they are … bleeds into someone else’s life. Their ‘difference’ makes a difference in that little person’s world.

This happens whether you want it to or not.

That can be difficult for a child. It is one of those circumstances they have little, or no, control over … and yet it affects them.

Most parents recognize that.

Most parents deal with it the best they can.

Most parents know it is still never enough.

Most parents never quit recognizing it <despite the fact Life does its best to throw other things in front of them to think about and deal with>.


But Life is pretty relentless with regard to testing resilience … and focus and intentions <to do the right thing every day>.



You can haggle over how this Thai insurance company told this story … but don’t.

It is brutal.

It is honest.

It reminds you that Life can be unforgivingly harsh on children.

It reminds you that love between parent and child is unequivocal.

And it should remind you that no matter how difficult Life gets … never forget to tell a child they are loved … and listen … and listen more.

Because sometimes it is difficult for them to see a light at the end of the tunnel in their everyday Life.


my father is different:


This is a Thai insurance company. Sometimes advertising gets it right.


Written by Bruce