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hope springs eternal

March 23rd, 2014

spring hello deer

In the scenery of spring,

nothing is better, nothing worse;

The flowering branches are

of themselves, some short, some long.












I am going to suggest an odd thing.


Maybe we should celebrate the first day of spring … instead of New Year’s Eve.


<insert – “DOH!!??!! – here>




I say that because I sometimes find it odd we celebrate new year’s day … which seems to be associated with regrets and leaving ‘things’ behind and ‘starting anew’ as if you completely throw out the old and start with a clean slate <which sounds good … but is not really possible>.


And yet Spring is all about new from existing, growth from that which is and … well … hope <not regret>.


As nature begins to throw off the cold thoughts of winter and days get longer and … well … it seems natural to think of possibilities.


And <returning to my crazy thought on ditching new years’ eve> it seems like it would also be much easier to become the change we seek in ourselves in Spring than when you are in the dead of winter and you have to fight off not only last year’s regrets but the grayness and coldness of winter days.


Spring abounds with … well … a life to come.




Hope springs eternal in the human breast;

Man never Is, but always To be blest:

The soul, uneasy and confin’d from home,

spring feelingsRests and expatiates in a life to come.


Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man





Spring begins what could be called the narrative of hope.  The narrative can be religious … or philosophical … or both intertwined. Regardless. The narrative revolves around a speculation of what could be.


This I am today.

That I will be tomorrow.


I say this knowing full well that speculation is not an end in itself.

Speculation must involve some meaningful application.


While you have hope for growth in a belief of freshness and emerging growth from what already exists … you have to water the plant <you get the metaphor>. You have to do some shit in order for all the ‘hope shit’ to happen.


Spring isn’t about putting aside old habits and things … it is about using them as stepping stones to grow and move forward.


Spring helps us with hope.

Because hope tends to stunted in pragmatism.


But spring is rarely about pragmatism. It is about budding and colors and green <young growth>.

Fulfillment is much much easier in spring then in the dead of winter.spring winter spring


The pragmatic constructs of life seem so much colder and stricter and harsher in the winter.

And, yet, those same pragmatic constructs of life seem more open and warmer to adapting to change in the onset of spring.




While you actually have to do some shit to make change and growth happen … Hope is a pretty powerful thing. Hope, which actually offers nothing more than mere speculation, actually provides us with the very basis of living.




Think about it.


What is existence without the hope for a better tomorrow or expectation of things to come?


<answer: not much>



We long for meaning which is certainly intertwined with hope … hope for being as good as we can.



All that said.


“Dum spiro spero”

(While I breathe, I hope)

Alexander Pope



As long as we live … so does hope.


And Spring is about hope & dreams.


And New Year’s Eve is about the despair of past dreams.


C’mon. Think about it.

How often have you stood on the threshold of a new year looking to discard things <to start anew> and felt this?


                   “From where you are you can hear their dreams. The           dismays and despairs and flight and fall and big seas of their dreams.”         – Dylan Thomas.


It means our dreams have died.

On New Year ’s Eve we put to rest some of our dead dreams … and create new ones.

<please note: I do not believe any dream should die>

spring new-beginnings


On the first day of spring we let the seeds of our dreams burst forth from the ground and grow.


Now that, my friends, is something worth celebrating.


Spring is here.

Hope lives.

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