anything can be reimagined (and cloud walking)


“… whatever is given, can always be reimagined.”

Seamus Henry


“I sometimes dream of situations that can’t possibly come true. I audaciously imagine,”

Wislawa Szymborska


Well. This is about cloud walking. Okay. Its about re-imagining and the understanding, and belief, that anything can be re-imagined. I could actually argue they are one and the same.

Now. To be clear. This isn’t about imagination. Imagination, to me, is about creation. This is about recreation or the ability to look at things differently. Re-imagining as it were.

Re-imagining is a powerful weapon we have in our arsenal assuming we choose to use this weapon.

You may call it a tool in your tool kit rather than a weapon, but I believe it is significantly more powerful than even the strongest drill you can find at the home improvement store. In fact. I truly believe reimagination may actually be the most powerful weapon you have in Life.

Why? Well. Most of what we deal with in Life, and business, is dealing with what exists. The problem with that is, well, us. A lot happens to us in Life and I imagine that those experiences can often make one not only reticent with regard to the future, but even maybe fearful of the future because you have accumulated ‘things’ and you imagine those things are a burden you must carry.

And this is where reimagining truly has its power. The power is within accepting that we often need to re-imagine the way life could be rather than assuming that it would always be the way it had been.

It doesn’t have to be more wonderful than you had ever thought.

It doesn’t have to be more stupendous or spectacular.

It is just re imagined.

It is just as Seamus suggests — nothing is truly given. The corollary to that is whatever “is” can always be reimagined in a different perspective. To be clear. I am not suggesting rewriting history nor am I suggesting one should ignore reality, but I am suggesting most ‘things’ appear as a whole, but are actually a sum of fragments & parts. Typically what we ‘imagine’ is a whole of a certain group of parts. Therefore, re imagination is re-looking at the parts, reassembling the parts and viewing the sum of the in a new way.

What was true yesterday may not be true today.

And what is true today may not be true tomorrow.

Now. That doesn’t mean truth is not real. It simply means we have this powerful weapon to be able to re-imagine that which is ‘given’ … in ways that creates new Truths.

By the way. This thought certainly pertains to business <albeit many businesses are constructed for efficiency which has a tendency to discourage reimagination>. In business we have ‘process’ & ‘way we do things’ but the reality is that those ‘truths’ are wholes made up of parts. Therefore. If you reimagine the parts, maybe assemble them differently in how you see them, you have a new ‘whole.’


Too often I believe we forget we have this ‘re-imagining’ power and accept the given. Too often I believe we forget that this power resides within people. Silly us. All of us. Because all of us have this ability.

Just remember. Anything can always be reimagined.

Be a ‘nefelibata’ … in Portuguese … be a cloud walker and re imagine what society and Life and business may suggest as ‘the given’ to you.

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Written by Bruce