Who would have thought Whitney Houston dying would make me write 2 posts? (not me)

And, while I’m not weeping over her death, I certainly respect her talent and how good she was at her craft.

But. What I do weep over is the fact it seems like when someone like Whitney Houston dies people start blathering about her addictions and shortcomings … and inevitably you see the comment “what a waste.”


“A sad waste of a great talent with a once in a lifetime voice.”


Was her life a waste? Really? C’mon.

The woman had more brilliant moments to take with her to her grave then most of us will ever dream of in a lifetime (so the whole “wasted” thing kind of aggravates me).

And as I noted when she passed away … why should we judge her based on her flaws (as if we don’t have any) and by our expectations … but rather by her legacy as a singer?

I admit.

It drives me a little crazy when people start questioning what her legacy will be … for a singer admired for her amazing vocals, but who also battled drug and alcohol addictions that generated tabloid fodder of her health, marriage issues and finances?

Surprisingly (to me) one of the best Whitney articles was written by a Pravda writer (and one who typically almost makes me scream & throw things with his often skewed slightly absurd opinions): http://english.pravda.ru/society/showbiz/13-02-2012/120486-whitney_houston-0/

In addition. I was also slightly surprised, among the spectacle someone calls her funeral, that Kevin Costner stepped up to the plate with a really nice articulation of what I imagine all these famous, talented, people face … insecurities of “am I good enough.” And the day to day neverending subtle, and sometimes not so subtle in today’s world, are you god enough questioning. It has to take its toll.

That is no excuse for how Whitney handled it (the well publicized flaws) nor how anyone handles it. But. In the end. We can only hope all the baggage that people are focusing on evaporates and what’s left behind will be is a focus on a spectacular career of work and music.

There was also a nice tribute from Lenny Kravitz as he was performing the night after she passed away.

Intro. To Push by Lenny Kravitz: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQaTUg1JSw8

(side note: Craig Ross is the guitar player you always see by Lenny’s side – not only is he an incredible guitar player, and showman, he write/co writes the music. Are you Gonna Go my Way was his repetitive riff and the solo. Same thing for Is There any Love in Your Heart and My Love. He, and Lenny, is awesome in concert if you ever have the opportunity to see them).

Ok. Back to Whitney.

Separating the legacy from the lurid isn’t easy. “I’d like to say her incredible voice will trump all in how she’s remembered,” says Yahoo music’s Chris Willman. “Unfortunately, with a lot of entertainers who come to tragic ends, it becomes hard to appreciate their art or how it was intended, without thinking of the tragedy of their lives.”


I wish two things.

First is that people celebrate her life & talent and not focus on tragedy we may associate with her life. oh. And the spectacle ends.


Mainly because I cannot believe I wrote two things about Whitney Houston.

Because she was just one. And every day approximately 151,650 people die in the world.

It boggles my mind the amount of loss experienced every single day. Its not just the 151+ thousand but the ripples of people affected by each loss.

Maybe part of Whitney’s legacy is that it should remind us all of someone’s loss somewhere that happens every day.

That number I gave you makes one wonder just how many stories are not covered and discussed.  Yet, each is maybe just as important as Whitney’s.

I guess maybe when one really special voice like this leaves us it should make us all think of the imperfection perfection of life.

And remember each and every one imperfect soul not as imperfect … but as perfect in their own way. And that there are another 151649 stories not being told that day.

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Written by Bruce