“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.”

Elie Wiesel


Ok. While I believe life, in general, is indifferent to our fate in life I believe we should not be indifferent to our fate.

In other words, because Life is indifferent to us it is up to us to actually make something happen – to actively not be indifferent.

In other words, if you do nothing. you will gain nothing.

Well. Actually. If you do nothing, you will get less than nothing. Mostly because life is … well … indifferent. It will not pay attention to you unless you pay attention to it.

I say that because I think some people believe if they knew there would be no consequences for their actions they would lead a fuller life. They would have the courage to do more and take some chances. Maybe have the courage to let themselves make some progress toward whatever they want to make progress toward. Maybe take some more risks <risks sometimes simply being things that move you even slightly away from comfortable but not big hairy audacious actions>.

But I would venture to guess most people do nothing because they fear the consequences.

In other words, they have forgotten that Life is indifferent.

Here is the tricky thing about life.

It is kind of a trap.

Doing more, taking some chances, means more responsibility for actions.

It is simple math.

The more you ‘do’ the more shit you can be blamed for … or … given credit for <that is a Life formula I believe>.

Life is built to be stimulated. If you do not stimulate it, it is indifferent to you.

By the way.

Elie didn’t mean that when he said this.

While I may have made some valid life points he was speaking about standing off to the side in Life and allowing bad to succeed over good. And while being indifferent with regard to ourselves is a shame. In general it is harmless to anyone excepting ourselves.

But. If we are indifferent to life outside of us and what is happening, you should be aware that bad, or evil, is not indifferent.

It is always active.

It is always opportunistic.

And in the end maybe that last point really is the big point about our Life.

Indifference permits that which is bad, which is always active, to win.

If you are indifferent, hate, ugliness, heresy and despair, all will run your life. It will win.

Doing nothing means you lose.

That means that doing nothing, being indifferent, is not really taking the safe path although it may feel so at the time. By being indifferent you permit all that is ‘not good’ to surround you … and smother you.

My point?

If we all did this, be indifferent, evil wins.


If the majority of us did that, bad wins <in the bigger scheme of things>.


If the majority of us did that, our lives for the most part would suck <it is difficult to be engaged with a Life which has veered so far away from your hopes & dreams you struggle to envision a path back to them>.

Frankly, I believe many of us think we are not indifferent, and yet we are.

Ok. Maybe selectively indifferent, but indifferent nonetheless.

I know I am <when I don’t pay attention>.

We should all pay a little more attention to indifference.

I know … I know. It can be difficult. Rightfully so we tend to focus on our lives and what is happening day to day. And I am not suggesting we shouldn’t. Because most of that is important. But that may mean we become indifferent to other, pretty important things, swirling around us.

And maybe we do so assuming someone else is not indifferent.

And that is where I believe “bad” <ugliness, heresy, evil, etc.> is crafty. I believe they whisper in our selective indifferent ears suggesting “don’t worry, you don’t have time, but someone else is not indifferent … THEY will make time.”

Bad is good at this. Bad is good at convincing us to let some responsibility slip to others.

Evil, tricksters, and everything you don’t want, is everywhere and sly and relentless.


It may seem tiring to know you cannot be indifferent, but for what is right, what is good, to win, we cannot let down our guard and be indifferent.

Even if you are indifferent personally you need to recognize Life needs people who are actively involved.

Ponder the next time you feel indifferent to something or someone.

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Written by Bruce