“No one is innocent … Life is more about how you bear the guilt.” – Silette <a fictional book character>

When I read this quote in a book I was reading I had to stop and reread it.

No one is innocent.

That means everyone carries some burden of guilt.


There is the big Life thought.

Your life can be defined by how you bear that guilt.

Do you ignore it?

Do you make excuses?

Do you deny it?

Do you worry about it?

Do you keep it secret?

Do you use it to motivate?

There are a variety of ways people bear the guilt.


The one that is probably most important?

Do you even recognize you are not innocent?


That is why I wrote his one down.

I imagine there are many more people who don’t even know they are ‘not innocent’ of something … than those who bear the guilt.

While those who bear the guilt can sometimes be eaten away from the inside as they think about it … there are many more being eaten by the unseen shadow of guilt dogging each step.

That means that shit happens to them and they scratch their head and wonder why.

Some of these people think fate is against them.

Many of these people think Life isn’t fair.

Many of these people never look at themselves, or to themselves, as the issue … just everything else.

And that is sad to me.

Mostly because their burden of guilt is most likely something manageable if they would only take the time to face it. Face the guilt and eliminate that weightless, but diminishing, shadow following them and choose to carry it instead.

We all have guilt for something. The something could be big … it could be very small. But that is the funny thing about guilt … its size doesn’t matter. Normal laws of space & weight do not apply to guilt. A sliver of guilt can bear the same weight as a mountain of guilt.

All that matters is how we choose to bear that weight.

Written by Bruce